Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Collectibles are custom made digital objects, built to commemorate your moviegoing experience. Each collectible is exclusively displayed in Augmented Reality, allowing you to unbox and interact with each object in your real world environment. Check out your collection at any time in the Really and Regal Apps!

Digital Collectible Tickets are currently only available to anyone who sees a movie at Regal in The United States of America. A Regal ticket must be purchased via the Regal App or through a Crown Club Account. Users must also create a free Really account to save any collectibles. Digital Collectible Tickets are for participating movies only.

Fandime are tokens unique to Really, created to give you a way to truly own your entertainment experiences. Earned by going to the movies or interacting with specific Really experiences, each Fandime displays a unique number and Blockchain Asset ID, making your collection exclusively available to only you.

Fandime are digital reward points earned by attending events (like going to the movies), interacting with experiences (like playing a game) or making a purchase (like buying merch.) Each Fandime includes a unique Blockchain Backed Asset ID and is minted on the Avalanche Blockchain and stored in a users Really Account.

Fandime do not represent any 3rd party IP and do not grant any rights to users of any 3rd party IP. Unless otherwise explicitly noted, Fandime are not transferable, tradable, or sellable on any 3rd party marketplace.  

For clarity, Digital Collectible Tickets are not Fandime and are not stored on the blockchain. Having a Fandime in your account does not guarantee access to or ownership over any Digital Collectible or experience on Really unless otherwise explicitly noted. 

A free Really account is required to claim a Fandime. Unless specifically mentioned, there is no cost associated with claiming a Fandime.

Free to open, a Really account exists separately from your Regal Crown Club account and is managed solely by Really AR LLC. Accessing some in-app content may require you to review and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy from Really.

Make sure that both your phone as well as the Regal and Really apps are fully updated. Although we try to make new experiences as compatible as possible, certain content may be inaccessible on older phone models or older operating systems.

Within a few days of your showtime, you will receive an e-mail from Regal with a redemption link. When claiming your collectible, make sure that you are logged into both your Regal and Really accounts. If you are still having trouble, please contact us at Please include the title of the missing movie ticket and let us know if you are using an Android or IOS device.

To collect Fandime, (1) Sign up for a Really account. (2) Download the Really App. (3) Tap COLLECTIBLES to see all available Fandime. (4) Follow the instructions in each collection to start claiming Fandime! 

If you tap “No, Thank You” on a Fandime Collection screen, you will exit the experience and forfeit your ability to collect your Fandime at that moment. You can always play again to try and collect another Fandime if available.

View your collection at any time in the Really app or in the Really section of the Regal app (tap the icon located in the upper righthand corner).

The Really Showcase allows you to view and interact with your entire collection of Digital Collectibles in Augmented Reality. Tap on ‘Showcase’ in the Collectibles section of the app or in an AR experience to get started.

DIGITAL COLLECTIBLE: Digital Collectibles that unlock by participating in a completing an action and are connected to your Really account. Digital Collectibles are not stored on the blockchain. 

POE: Proof-of-Engagement Fandime; unlocked by engaging with content like games, scavenger hunts, trivia and more. 


POA: Proof-of-Attendance Fandime; unlockable by attending real world or online events (Such as seeing a movie in theaters).


POP: Proof-of Purchase Fandime; unlocked by purchasing a Fandime in the Really App or on

Click on the ABOUT section of each collection to learn more about the features and collection details for that specific series.

The option to mint or claim Fandime will be made unavailable if a specific release is ‘sold-out,’ or when the specific release window is closed. If a Fandime has a limit, it will be noted on the About section of that Fandime. It is advisable to claim early, if possible.

POP Fandime may be sellable and tradeable in third party marketplaces. Check back often for full details on trading and transferring other types of Fandime.

Any additional questions you have can be sent to We typically respond in 2-7 business days.